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Rules and Conditions

/Rules and Conditions
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Gentle Guests, to ensure a pleasant stay and to avoid possible misunderstandings, we kindly invite you to read the “Casa Vacanze Gentile” Holiday House rules that the mutual respect of the provisions contained therein will ensure that the days spent in this apartment will be joyful and relaxing Since this is our main goal.

The rules to be observed, in addition to those sanctioned by the Law, are dictated primarily by common sense and mutual respect.
Our intent is to meet and meet your needs and expectations in a professional and efficient way, and if some, perhaps, may seem excessive, we would like to point out that we have prepared them to safeguard your privacy, your security and your well-being Wishing you can consider it as useful information as a guarantee of a serene and joyful stay.

order to make your reservation final, we will ask you in advance – via an email – to confirm your read and acceptance of these Rules.


This document can be downloaded from www.casavacanzegentile.it and is available in the common room in the “general information collector”. The Rules must be complied with by you and your potential visitors: in the event of non-compliance with any of the Rules contained therein, we reserve the right to remove those who would be in contravention and nothing will be refunded.


In order to reserve the apartment, it is essential that the requesting Guest, when making a secure reservation, communicates his personal and tax information, the mobile number, the exact number of Guests and then – within 24:00 of the Same day of the request – 30% of the total cost of the stay as a deposit confirmatory. Only after receiving the attestation of the payment of the deposit, which you can send via email or sms, you can consider the private apartment. Without this method we will feel free to accept other reservations.


The balance must be paid in cash upon delivery of the apartment. At our discretion, we ask you to pay a deposit of € 50.00 which will be returned to you on departure after verifying the condition of the furniture and equipment or held in the event of damage.

About the WI-FI internet connection it is important to know that during your stay you will have free 1 GB of data in 4 G per day for use from 8 am to 9 pm and from 00:00 am to 8 pm, exceeding this limit we will do Account of the security by deducting from it the sum of € 10,00; If during the reception we did not ask you for any security this quote will be asked to leave.

In the case of a 29-day stay, you are required to pay a non-interest-bearing deposit equal to 20% of the entire amount of the period to cover any failures, breakages or damages that may be incurred. This amount will be refunded upon your departure, after checking the apartment and the equipment.


Arrival: the apartment will be available to welcome you from 2:00 pm
Departure: The apartment must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.
It is indispensable that the Requesting Guest communicates the arrival time in advance to be received promptly. In the event of a change in the arrival time it is necessary that this is communicated promptly; If the delay will last more than two hours without any kind notice, we will be free from any commitment and the deposit will not be refunded. If the departure will take place without our permission beyond the established time, a daily rate surcharge will be calculated.

When you arrive we will ask for your identification document (identity card, passport or license) as provided by the applicable law, this will be returned immediately after registration. Your data will be processed in accordance with the current privacy policy; The data that will remain in our possession are exclusively those sent voluntarily by the Guests through forms, emails, sms or telephone calls for the request of the services offered by “Gentile Holiday Apartment”. Their use is reserved exclusively for their availability / reservation request, will not be given to third parties and may be requested to be canceled directly to us.


The cancellation of the reservation must be made with immediate communication by any means and until confirmation that this has been correctly transposed. To obtain the refund of the deposit confirm the cancellation terms are as follows.

For daily / weekly bookings:

  • within 14 days prior to check-in: no penalty
  • more than 14 days prior to check-in: 30% penalty

Failure to submit, late check-in and early departure will incur the entire amount of the stay.

What is included in the stay rate

  • All consumption (water, electricity and gas) for the apartment
  • Use of all furnishing accessories, tableware etc. Present in the house and available
  • Using the Nordmende LED 32 “
  • n. 1 tower fan, no. 1 heat exchanger
  • Cleaning and changing of bath towels twice a week
  • Bed linen change once a week
  • Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi internet is free of charge within 1 GB per day, after this one will be refunded of € 10.00
  • Washing machine: can be used midweekly from 18:00 to 20:00 and at weekends from 10:00 to 20:00 (detergents not available in the apartment are charged by the Renters).

In order to avoid waste you are kindly asked to perform full-load washing.

We do not respond to any disagreements that are independent of our will and due to a total or partial shortage of supplies such as gas, electricity, water, internet and heating but we assure you we will do as much as possible to resolve them as soon as possible.

Please notify us immediately of any abnormalities you have encountered or encountered within the apartment. We will take care of you as soon as possible and you will be charged for it if you are independent of your actions.

What does not include your stay rate

Upon request we will be able to give you some indication of any services outside the above-mentioned ones. We will feel free of any form of liability for the way and / or the results in which they will be executed as they will be executed by external staff and the payment will be made directly to them:

  • Cleaning of the apartment: € 10,00 / hour
  • Removing household waste. € 5,00
  • Change of bed linen per person € 6,00
  • Change of bed linen € 10,00 and single €. 5.00
  • Kitchen linen change € 3,00
  • Additional bed for an adult € 15,00
  • Car service to and from the Porta Fiorentina and Porta Romana Stations, the Bus Station and Orte Train Station or other
  • Shuttle services from and to Terminal Maritime
  • Excursions to places of cultural and tourist interest
  • Porch, interpreter

Cleaning of the apartment

Upon your arrival you will find “Casa Vacanze Gentile” clean and tidy.

The apartment is equipped with:

  • bed linen (one change per week)
  • bath linen (two change per week)
  • daily housekeeping material for the use of Guests at your disposal in the Closet. After using it, we kindly ask you to place it in the same place. Washing detergents, if you do not find them, are under your own responsibility.

Guests are required to provide for the daily elimination of household waste in order to guarantee the hygiene of the accommodation.

The cooker hood (gas cooker, kitchenware, cookware, etc.) must always be kept in perfect order: the kitchenette is cleaned and cleaned by the customer.

It is forbidden to spread dripping linens inside the house and / or outside: it is permissible to lay it on the appropriate wires placed on the two-bedroom terrace, after carefully checking to cause damage to those that may lie in the wires of the underlying apartment .

It’s forbidden in all the apartment to stick nails, dust the walls, deteriorate structures and furnishings.

Furniture and furniture moved must be remitted to their original place.

It is forbidden to remove furniture, tableware, linen, soaps and any other materials and / or equipment from the apartment.

You are required to have the best care of the room, furnishings and home appliances and to present, at the entrance, any shortcomings and / or breaks detected immediately or at most within 6 hours from the occupation of the apartment In order to prevent you from being liable, later on, being held liable to allow me to claim compensation for any damages.

Custody values

“Casa Vacanze Gentile”, although not having a custody service, provides guests with a small electronic combination safe located in the closet of the bedrooms. However, you are invited to keep your belongings, money, stocks, jewelery and whatever is of considerable economic and / or affective value and to ensure that their doors are always on the way out of the bedroom and the apartment Well-locked.

We do not respond to any theft or loss. For security reasons, we strongly recommend the following:

At night when you are permanently inside the apartment, always close the locked door securely and keep all shutters down;

Of day when you go out for excursions: in the spring and summer, if you want, leave the windows open but always lower the shutters; In autumn and winter, if you want, keep the windows closed to preserve the indoor temperature and always lower the shutters.

The loss or damage to the key and / or the lock in one of the rooms and / or the apartment will result in the total charge being repaired or replaced by the guest.

Behavioral Rules

The apartment is not available for parties, celebrations, celibacy and other recreational and legal activities, and not recreational and / or illegal, which may create discomfort of various kinds to other condominiums. The use of spirits and drugs is forbidden. Guests are required to keep the volume of TV and any radio on their property low so that they do not disturb the Condominiums of the building and comply with the Condominium Rules available in the Common Room in the “General Information Binder”.

For general safety and to avoid dangers and / or damage to people and things, it is mandatory whenever you leave the apartment, turn off the lights, unplug the appliances from the appliances, TV, close the gas tap, water taps , Lower the shutters of all the rooms and lock the doors of the rooms and the armored door.

Exclusively for health reasons the owner is prohibited:

  • entry to animals, even small in size
  • smoking in any room of the apartment

IMPORTANT  In the bathroom, in the sink, in the bidet and in the shower, it is allowed to pour only water and liquid products for the cleaning of the skin and the intimate parts: anything else is prohibited

In W.C. You can only throw “organic-physiological slag” and toilet paper: anything else is forbidden.

In the kitchen sink is allowed to pour only water and detergent for dishwashing. Everything else is forbidden: no oil, no food, no paper of any kind, chemicals.

Responsibility of Guests and Visitors

The Renter is liable in the event that his / her visitor / hers / does not damage the persons or things in the apartment.

The owner does not respond to objects, values ​​and things left in the car in free parking areas and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the car.

Minors are not allowed if they are not accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay.

It is strictly forbidden that the apartment be temporarily inhabited by a different person (s) and / or from the declared at the entrance. Any exceptions must be agreed in advance with the owner for the necessary lawfulness of the law. The visitor (s) are / are required to give you a look and allow you to retrieve the data of your identity document: the retention of your data is the same as those of the Guests. The violation, even occasionally, of this commitment will result in the termination of the contract, pursuant to art. 1456 c.c. And the application of penalties provided for in art. 1382 c.c.

Sublicensee is expressly forbidden.

Luggage Storage 

Baggage deposit is only provided during Early Arrival and, in any case, agreed in advance.

We thank you for your attention and for choosing “Casa Vacanze Gentile” for your stay in Viterbo.

Wishing you a comfortable and joyful stay in our apartment, we remain available for any further information and clarification!

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